Mail Chimp

The MailChimp integration allows you to export Customers from your KashFlow Bookkeeping account and import them into your MailChimp account. Once you have successfully imported your customer data from KashFlow to MailChimp you can begin mass emailing your clients using Mail Chimp.

Setting Up

You can find the Mail Chimp application within your KashFlow Bookkeeping under:
Apps > MailChimp Integration

Registering MailChimp

If you have not already set-up a Mail Chimp account you will need to do so before continuing. You can sign-up to MailChimp for free, or simply find out a bit more information from

Linking KashFlow and MailChimp

You will first need to locate your API Key within MailChimp:

  1. Log-in to MailChimp
  2. Click ‘Account’
  3. Click ‘API key & Authorise Apps’
  4. Click ‘API Key’
  5. Copy the API Key that is displayed

You will then need to enter this API Key into KashFlow:

  1. Log-in to KashFlow
  2. Click ‘Apps’
  3. Towards the very bottom click ‘MailChimp Integration’
  4. Then, click ‘I have my Mail Chimp account, let me enter my details’
  5. “Enable Mailchimp Integration”
  6. In the newly provided “API Key” field enter that which you copied from your MailChimp account.
  7. Click ‘Test API Key’ to make sure it works
  8. When you are done, finalise with ‘Update’


Transferring data

Once you have set up KashFlow with MailChimp the first step is to create a list within your MailChimp account. This done through:
Lists > Create List

Within KashFlow you are going to need to ensure all the Customers you expect to import into MailChimp have at least a defined “Email” field, as well as any appropriate data you expect to import to your MailChimp List, such as First Name, Last Name, Telephone Number etc.

You will then want to ensure you are importing the appropriate Customer data fields into MailChimp from KashFlow, this will require you navigate to MailChimp Settings:
Apps > MailChimp Integration > MailChimp Settings

Therein, you will need to first select the appropriate List from the drop down beneath “Copy customer records to the following list”, this will provide KashFlow with the appropriate headings which you can then match to the “Merge Fields” of:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Customer Code
  • Customer Name
  • Contact Name
  • Telephone Number
  • Web Address
  • Date of first Invoice
  • Date of last Invoice
  • Total # Invoices
  • Total value of Invoices

Once you have specified all the appropriate parameters, you can update your MailChimp account with the KashFlow Customer information by:
Apps > MailChimp Integration > Update Data in MailChimp

Once the update starts, KashFlow queues the information then sends it to MailChimp for validation. This process will be given a status of “Complete” when finished, with the import session providing a number of “Successes”, and if applicable the Customers “Skipped” and those that generated “Errors”. All items contributing to the “Successes” will be imported to MailChimp and be accessible within your previously defined list.

Lists on Mail Chimp

It is possible to export KashFlow Customer data to more than one MailChimp account by specifying a different list beneath “Copy customer records to the following list” then choosing to Update Data in MailChimp. This can be repeated as many times as required.

Lists in regards to Double Opt-in and Send Welcome Email options

Both of these Options are located in KashFlow within:
Settings > MailChimp Integration > MailChimp Settings.

Double Opt-in

The Double Opt-in option is an automated system that sends an email to all the recipients that have just been imported from your KashFlow account to your MailChimp account. This email allows the recipient to confirm that they are subscribing to your list by clicking on a link which initiates the confirmation. Once the recipient is confirmed they will be sent another email informing them of their confirmation.

Send Welcome Email

The Send Welcome Email option is another automated email which is sent to all recipients that have been successfully imported from the KashFlow account to the MailChimp account.

Both of these settings are subject to the lists that are in MailChimp. If the KashFlow Bookkeeping account is exporting Customer information into a list(s) for the first time and these options are ticked, the system will send emails to the recipient email addresses of the Customers.

If however the user has imported these Customers details into the list(s) already though there are also new Customer records as well, then this email will only be sent to the new Customers.


For help with MailChimp visit MailChimp Support for articles, and communication channels for their Support Team

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