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This Knowledge Base article will explain what Em-Cys is and how to integrate in to KashFlow. Whilst Em-Cys will read your emails and take the relevant information off it it needs to go somewhere right?  Kashflow provides a web based accounting space and provides an accounting engine used by business’…

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Fleetmatics WORK

Fleetmatics WORK is Job Management and Scheduling software for field service businesses. It can integrate with KashFlow and from Fleetmatics WORK you can transfer Clients and Invoices to KashFlow. Setting Up KashFlow To start, you will need to enable the KashFlow API by going to Apps> API Settings (Top right) and tick the…

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This article describes how to setup and use i-Pay with KashFlow

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Integrating with KashFlow & Test Accounts

KashFlow integrates with a lot of other software on the web. This creates a bridge between the two systems and users are able to import various sets of data into KashFlow and process it dependant on their integration. KashFlow has some direct apps which integrate the application. If an app is not…

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Integrating Kagazz with Kashflow? Kagazz can push receipts directly to your kashflow account. The following steps can easily enable the integration between your kagazz account and kashflow account and allow you to seamless push your receipts to kashflow. KashFlow To start, you will need to enable the KashFlow API by…

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