This Knowledge Base article will explain what Em-Cys is and how to integrate in to KashFlow.

Whilst Em-Cys will read your emails and take the relevant information off it it needs to go somewhere right?  Kashflow provides a web based accounting space and provides an accounting engine used by business’ to manage their business’ finances and financial reporting.

By using both Em-Cys and Kashflow, you will save time by not having to do the input manually, reduce data entry mistakes and streamline repetitive, non income producing daily tasks that need to occur to keep the wheels turning.

To integrate the two system you need to login to your Em-Cys and choose Accounts under the Navigation Bar, top right.

Then choose KashFlow in the Default Integrated System Dropdown.

Once done enter your KashFlow Login and the integration will complete.

The KashFlow interface with Em-Cys is also Automatic, which means once its configured you won’t need to log into Em-Cys to manage the interface at all.  You can specify whether you want the interface to run every 30 minutes, every hour or every day.

By deploying Em-Cys with Kashflow you will free up yours and your staff’s time to get on with the more important task of running your business and generating profits.

  • Sales invoices : Inbound purchase orders and website enquiries are ideal to be received in email format.  If this comes in as an attachments, then the original purchase order is automatically uploaded to Kashflow as well.
  • Supplier invoices : All those invoices that you receive by email from your suppliers for common purchases can be automatically loaded into Kashflow.  The original attachment is also uploaded with the import.
  • Credit Notes : If you often find discrepencies in your supplier invoices from your original order and they issue you credit notes, Em-Cys can automatically import these for you.
  • Remittance Advise : When you receive these notices from large customers and they come in regularly, Em-Cys will do the data entry for you.
  • Expense receipts : If you get expenses emailed to you from your employee’s, Em-Cys can then import those to your Kashflow system saving you the time and expense of manually entering that information.

If you have any questions on the integration then you can contact Em-Cys on [email protected].

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