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VAT Scheme – Cash Accounting

VAT Cash Accounting Scheme The Cash Accounting Scheme for VAT allows you to pay for or claim back your VAT only when the Invoice or Purchase has been paid rather than when they are issued. This can help small businesses ensure that they have received the money from their customer…

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VAT Submission Errors

When you have the option to file your VAT return and EC sales list enabled in KashFlow, you may find that in some cases you receive an error message referring to the VAT validation. In order to be able to submit a VAT return via KashFlow, you will need to ensure…

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Working with Mileage

In this article we will be guiding you through KashFlow’s new feature Mileage. Set up If you are a Partnership or Sole Trader – You will find the Mileage tab in the main taskbar on the left of your KashFlow account. When you first click on to the Mileage tab…

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