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Payment Methods

The KashFlow system will allow you to set up multiple payment methods that you are able to apply to invoices and purchase receipts. Setting Up To start, go to Settings > Lists> Payment Methods. Use the Payment Methods options to set the following; Invoice Payment Methods – When you add a…

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PDF Themes – Advanced

Preface This article assumes the reader has knowledge of at least the basic principles of both HTML and CSS, and explains the majority of HTML and CSS features that are unique to KashFlow’s PDF Theme Generator. This does not advise on general HTML/ CSS practises. If you are not devising…

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This article explains products and how to use and create them within KashFlow

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Recording Batch Payment On Sales

You may find sometimes that you have received payment for multiple invoices from a customer; this can be recorded as one payment to save you having to pay each one manually. How to record the payment This can be done by going to Invoices> New Batch Payment, where you will then…

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