Packing Slips & Delivery Notes

Packing slips can be enabled on invoices, allowing you to include information on a packages contents without including financial details such as price. Packing slips can also show a separate delivery address or be renamed to something more appropriate like ‘Thank You’ for example.

Enable Packing Slips

To enable packing slips go to Settings > Invoice Options > Packing Slips and tick the enabled box.Use the Name field to rename the Packing Slips if appropriate.

When ready, click the Update button. A Print Packing Slip button will now appear on your invoices screen.

Printing Packing Slip

To print a packing slip go to Invoices > Select the invoice that you would like to print the packing slip for > Click Packing Slip in the top right hand corner

Invoice Notes

To record a note on an invoice that the customer can see you will need to add it as a line item on the invoice, do that by going to Invoices > Select the invoice > add comment. You then just enter your note and then this is done. For internal notes that your customer can’t see, please click here.


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