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PayPal Importer – Step 1 – Setting Up PayPal

This guidance explains how to enable the required third party permissions required for using the KashFlow PayPal importer. Please note that granting these permissions doesn’t give KashFlow access to make transfers or do anything other than view activity on the account. Enabling Third Party Permissions First, login to PayPal by…

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PayPal Importer – Step 2 – Setting Up KashFlow

This guidance advises on how to set up KashFlow and the PayPal importer. Please note that for this to be successful you must have enabled third party permissions as described in Step 1 of this process. Linking PayPal & KashFlow To start, go to Apps> PayPal. In the PayPal E-Mail…

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PayPal Importer – Step 3 – Using The Importer

This guidance explains how to use the KashFlow PayPal importer, in this section we will walk you through how to access the importer, view and select transactions in the staging area and import them into your KashFlow account. Please note that the importer will need to be fully set up,…

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PayPal Staging Area

The PayPal Staging Area is the part of KashFlow where your imported PayPal transactions appear for you to review before your bring them into KashFlow. Access this from the Overview page and scroll down to the PayPal Imports section. Under the Transactions label you will see a number – this is the…

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PayPal Troubleshooting – Backdating

When you set up PayPal you’re asked to set a start date for when you would like to start importing transactions from. As you import, this date changes based on the date and time if the last import. If you would like to import transactions from the past you need…

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PayPal Troubleshooting – Deleted Transactions

If you have deleted PayPal transactions either in the staging area or that have already been imported then you will need to re-import these If you have deleted transactions and would like to reimport them you will need to delete everything you have imported up to the date of your…

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