PayPal Pay Online Button

If you have a PayPal account you can include a PayPal button on your invoices. When your customers click this button they are taken to a PayPal page with your details and the invoice amount already completed for them.

Setting Up

To start, go to Settings > Card Options. Use the Pay Online options to set the following;

  • Payment Buttons – Select PayPal
  • PayPal Details – enter in your PayPal email address and your PayPal currency. If required, tick the box for include VAT in payment amount.
  • PayPal Button – Select which PayPal button to use on your invoices, this is the button that the customer will click to pay your invoice.

When ready, click Update.

Sending Invoices

All unpaid invoices sent via e-mail will now include this button. For information on how to send an invoice by e-mail, click here.

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