Pay Online Button – Step 1 – Setting up Pay Online

One of the best things about KashFlow is the ability to e-mail invoices to your customers with a Pay Online button that allows them to pay you instantly.


When the payment is made it will be automatically recorded against the invoice. This is really easy to set up and we don’t charge a penny for it, just follow the guidance to get started.

We support the following payment processors for the Pay Online button.

  • Square
  • Global Payments
  • World Pay
  • Stripe
  • PayPal Pro
  • I don’t have one yet
  • You will require a payment processor to take payments in KashFlow. A payment processor is a third party who acts as the middleman between you and your customers bank accounts. KashFlow supports many different processors, just click the link above to be taken to a list of supported processors.

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