Multiple Businesses on one KashFlow Account

You are not able to manage multiple businesses with a single KashFlow subscription, however, you can get a discount on your subsequent subscriptions.

In such a case, we usually advise customers who have more than one business to set up a separate KashFlow account for each business. There are a number of reasons for this;

  1. You can only have one invoice template per account and if your businesses have different names, a single account will not be able to produce different/multiple invoice templates with different company names.
  2. Because in most circumstances businesses are entirely separate legal entities, HMRC requires their books to be kept separately. There are financial reports that need to be produced such as Trial balance, Balance sheet, Profit & Loss, Year-End report, etc. and if you have multiple companies/businesses running on one KashFlow account, these reports will produce conflicting figures that are not going to be accurate.

Getting a discount on multiple accounts

It is possible to get a discount off another account.

If you take the Business plan, we’ll give you £1 a month per account you sign up.

And for our Business + Payroll plan we’ll pay out £1.50 in commission a month per user.

If your account isn’t on our new pricing plan, we’ll give you £2.00 per month for a new account.

That’s not all. Your account will also get £1 off the monthly subscription for the first 6 months using KashFlow. Click here to see more

Once you have signed up for the additional account you can go to Settings > Account Switching to be able to easily switch between the two accounts. For more information please click here.

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