Getting Started with GoCardless

GoCardless is the UK’s leading online Direct Debit provider, with thousands of merchants managing their Direct Debit collections using the GoCardless online tool or API. Affordable, easy to use and packed with features like automated billing, detailed reports and customisation options, GoCardless makes managing and collecting Direct Debits simple.

Using KashFlow and GoCardless together means business owners can say goodbye to complicated and time-consuming bookkeeping and payment tracking, saving them money and time that can be better spent on growing their business.

The links below will provide you with guidance on how to setup GoCardless to work seamlessly with your KashFlow Bookkeeping account.


Setting up GoCardless

Setting up Direct Debit Mandate

Collecting Payments

Please Note: You can only link one GoCardless account to one instance of KashFlow.  If you attempt to link the same GoCardless account to a second instance of KashFlow this will result in failed payment attempts on your original KashFlow account.

If you have any issues with using GoCardless within your KashFlow account please do contact us using the details below. Our team are here to help!

Email: [email protected] (please include your KashFlow username with all queries)

live chat: (9.30 – 5pm)



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