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Archiving a Supplier

Sometimes you may have a supplier you don’t trade with any more, but instead of deleting the Supplier you should archive them. Archiving the supplier removed the supplier from drop down lists when creating a receipt but retains all the records associated to the supplier. You should never delete a…

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Creating a Supplier

This guide will talk you through how to Add a New Supplier in KashFlow. To add a new supplier, first click Suppliers from the main menu bar then simply click the button at the top labelled +Create. On the next screen, fill in the supplier’s name. A supplier code will be automatically created for…

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E-Mail a Supplier Statement

Sometimes you may want to provide a Supplier with a document of your activity with them, Kashflow handles this by creating Supplier Statements that you can E-Mail to them without having to leave the application. You can send a Supplier Statement from going to the following area: Suppliers > Click on the Supplier…

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Merging Suppliers

This article will talk you through how to merge two (or more) Suppliers who have Purchases assigned to them respectively. The method by which we do this is simply changing which Supplier the Purchase is assigned to. Merging the Supplier To begin this please follow the below steps: Suppliers > Click on the Supplier you…

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Supplier Details (Supplier Profile)

The Supplier Details screen (also known as the Supplier Profile) is where you input all the information like address, email address etc and enable various settings relevant to this supplier. Access this by going to Suppliers > Choose a supplier. If you haven’t already added a Supplier then go to…

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Supplier Discounts

A Supplier discount is different from a Customer discount; there isn’t a specific field for the discount in Supplier options. Instead what you need to do is add a line item to the receipt and then add a negative figures for the Net, VAT & Totals box. In the description…

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Supplier Early Payment Discount

If your suppliers offer an early payment discount you can easily account for it in KashFlow. Firstly you need to set up an Outgoing type called ‘Early payment discount’. Do this by going to the Purchases and clicking Purchase Codes then at the bottom of your list of codes you…

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