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Email a Quote

Kashflow enables you not only to create Quotes, but also  email them to their respective Customers. To email a Quote to a Customer you will first have to get to the Quote you wish to send. You can do this by two different means: Quotes > Click on the relevant quote > Click the Email symbol…

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New IRIS KashFlow Connect

Since our acquisition by IRIS in October 2013, we’ve been hard at work thinking about what we can do to make life easier for accountants. We’ve started this by integrating IRIS KashFlow Connect into IRIS Accounts Production, and by aligning what was IRIS Open Payroll into the KashFlow brand and including a seamless integration…

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SMTP Configuration

What is SMTP? SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) refers to the protocol most servers use to handle Outgoing Email. This standard of Email Transmission allows for external Applications and Services (such as the Mail Clients of Microsoft ‘Outlook’, Apple ‘Mail’ etc) to make requests to a server to send the emails…

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Text Substitutions for E-Mails

KashFlow supports dynamic text substitutions in both the E-Mail body (message) and on within the Invoice PDF via the Footer and Additional Text fields. The phrase “dynamic” in this instance means that when the E-Mail or Invoice, is generated, it will then pull the current and appropriate information in regards to…

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