Wholesale Pricing

Wholesale pricing allows you to set a secondary price up for certain sales codes or products and use that price for certain customers only. Please note, wholesale pricing in KashFlow is not related to your purchase of an item, for information on you buying at one price and then selling on to another please see our Stock Management & Control guide.

Setting Up

To set this up within your account you need to first go to Settings > Stock Options and enable the Wholesale pricing option.

Once this is enabled you need to tell KashFlow the wholesale price for your individual products.

To do this go to Invoices> Sales Codes> Choose a Sales Code> Tick the ‘Pre-fill the rate and description fields when I use this code’ option. Once here you will see the option to enter the wholesale price for this Sales code. If the sales code has products assigned to it you can also set individual wholesale prices per product. Click on the product and Tick the ‘Pre-fill the rate and description fields when I use this code’ option.

You need to do this for all of the sales codes/Products that you offer wholesale pricing on.

Selecting Eligible Customers

Next, choose a customer to apply the wholesale pricing to. Go to Customers > Select the Customer > Options > Tick the box for ‘This customer receives wholesale pricing’ > Update.

Then when you raise an invoice for this customer in future the wholesale price which you entered for the sales code will be used.

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