KashFlow believes in empowering you to effectively and efficiently do your job. We know that systems and processes can be confusing, we’ve listed to your feedback, and we’ve found the solution! Today, we’re excited to introduce WalkMe.

What is WalkMe?

  • WalkMe is a tool that layers on top of KashFlow and provides on-screen process guidance that can be accessed at any time of need.
  • WalkMe allows you to easily get self-service help, enabling you to complete many of your day-to-day tasks or complex processes without confusion or errors.


Who has access to WalkMe?

  • WalkMe is available on KashFlow Bookkeeping which you can find on the bottom right of your account.
  • We may expand the use of WalkMe to other applications such as KashFlow Payroll and KashFlow HR. This isn’t in our immediate plans just yet.

How can WalkMe help me?

  • Right now, we have created a few Walk-Thru guidance’s and we’ll be looking to add plenty more in the coming weeks.
  • For new application users, we’ll look to provide an easy onboarding overview to help you get started.

If you have ideas on how WalkMe can make your job easier, please share your feedback.

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