Although KashFlow makes it very easy to send out invoice using email some customers insist on receiving a hard-copy in the post, other documents such as reminder letters are often more effective when sent by post instead of email. For these reasons we’ve partnered with cloudPOST to make sending physical documents in the post just as easy as sending an email.

Setting Up

If you go to Settings > cloudPOST you’ll be able to follow the link to create an account with them and buy some credit; then enter your cloudPOST credentials into KashFlow and you’ll be up and running.


Whenever you view an invoice, as well as the Print and Email buttons you’ll also see an option to Send cloudPOST. When you choose that option we create a PDF and send it over the internet to cloudPOST along with the address details. They then deal with printing and posting the document for you.


When using the options to send a PDF using cloudPOST you may get the following error message:

‘Multiple building names exist with equally valid matches’

That message is generated by cloudPOST themselves and essentially means that when they checked the post office system, they couldn’t find an exact match for that address, or they found multiple addresses and therefore cant’ accept your letter as it might go to the wrong place.

You may need to give a more specific address.

For further help when using cloudPOST and getting this error, you should contact [email protected]


For help, please contact cloudPOST at

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