VAT Return Shows Old Data

When doing a VAT return you may find figures that have already been filed on the previous submitted VAT return.

The main reason why this happens is if the transactions have been edited/modified since the last day they were filed. You can check this by running the Audit Trail report under Tools & Reports>General Reports>Audit Trail. Run the report by ‘dated between these dates’ for the date that the item is recorded as, you will be able to see when it was last edited – if it was modified after a return was submitted it will show on your latest VAT return.

Excluding Old Entries

You can exclude these transactions by enabling the VAT reconciliation option.

This can be done by going to Settings -> Advance Settings -> VAT reconciliation and enter the date to one day before your current VAT period and then run the return.

This will now bring forward to the current period any transactions that have been entered into a previous VAT period but not included in the submitted report for that period (usually because you entered them after the report was submitted) along with the transactions made after the date entered in the box.

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