VAT Apportionment

We don’t have a dedicated report for viewing VAT apportionment unfortunately; we have however come up with a sneaky way of getting you the figures you need. All you need is some spreadsheet software. Just follow the step by step below;

Go to Reports> Business> Activity Report. Once here pop in the period that you need and choose:

  1. Purchases Only
  2. Select either items issued or paid depending on your requirement.
  3. Make sure you tick the ‘Show VAT related information’ tick box.
  4. Click next

Then you will be showed all transactions between the period specified.

Click the ‘Download CSV’ button in the top right to download the spreadsheet to your computer, you’ll then be able to filter the data by outgoing type.

Once the report is opened up in Excel, at the top right of the screen you need to click ‘Sort and Filter’ and then choose ‘Filter’. You then need to go to column H and click the arrow to choose the code you wish to sort by. Untick all of the codes except for the code that you would like to view.

You then have the information that you require, and can manipulate the data further if needed.

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