Supplier Refund – Part Payment Returned

Occasionally, you may need to return part of a purchase. In such cases you will have to record a supplier refund for part of the original purchase receipt by creating a credit note and applying a return payment to it.

Creating the Credit Note

Please navigate to Purchases > Open the purchase receipt > Click Copy in the top navigation > Select Purchase in the popup dialog. 

You should now have an exact copy of the original receipt. Simply put a minus in front of the line item total to set it to a negative.

You also need to adjust the figure so that it matches the refunded amount and click Save in the top right corner of the screen.

Showing the money back in your bank account

In order to record the money being returned, click the Add Payment button within the Payments section at the bottom of the newly created purchase receipt and press Save.

The refund will now appear in your bank account.

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