Supplier Overpayment

Perhaps your purchases have been overpaid due to an admin error on the supplier side. You can either record this as money back into your account if the supplier returned it, or apply it to another purchase.

Supplier returned the money

The first step is to show the overpayment being applied. In order to do this, navigate to Purchases > Open the purchase receipt > Add Payment.

You may need to overwrite the pre-populated amount we have given. Once this has been done, press Save and the purchase will be marked as overpaid.

To show the supplier paying you back the overpaid amount and change the status of the purchase to Paid rather than Overpaid, open the receipt again and click Add Payment.

The overpaid amount will be displayed as a negative here. Please choose the date when it was paid back to you and click Save.

The purchase invoice will be marked as paid and the overpayment recorded successfully in your bank account.

Applying the overpayment to another purchase

Similar to the above, you first need to record the overpayment by navigating to Purchases > Open the purchase receipt > Add Payment

Here you should apply the full overpayment. Once this has been done, press Save and the purchase will be marked as overpaid.

You can now go back to Purchases > Open the purchase to which you want to apply the overpaid amount > Click Apply Credit within the Payments section at the bottom.

Simply tick the overpayment in the popup and click the Apply button. This will mark the original purchase as paid.

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