Stock Management & Control – Step 2 – Linking

You can link Sales Codes and Purchase Codes, as well as Products.

By linking these, KashFlow can automatically increase and decrease stock levels when you buy or sell stock.

Before linking you’ll need to have products added and have stock management enabled by going to Settings > Stock Options > tick Enable Stock Management

You can view more information on adding products within Sales Codes here

After that go to Invoices > Sales Codes > Select the Sales Code that you would like to link or that contains your product > Select your product if required > Tick the box for Manage Stock Levels. The most important box that appears is the Increment Stock Levels on Purchase – ticking this links your purchases.

  • Quantity In Stock – This is the amount of stock you currently hold for this item.
  • Alert me if quantity drops below – If this option is selected you will see the stock status in the sales type dropdown when including this as a line item on the invoice.
    • Green – Above the limit that has been set
    • Orange – Below the limit that has been set
    • Red – None in stock
    • Increment Stock Levels on Purchase – ticking this links your products to your outgoing types.
      • First Drop Down Box – This is the purchase code (category) that contains your sub-purchase code(product). If you don’t have these set up yet leave this as Create One For Me. KashFlow will then create matching purchase code/product type for you.
      • Sub Type – This is the sub-outgoing type (product) that you would like to link. If you don’t have one set up yet you can leave this as Create One For Me.

When you’re ready click the Update button.

You’ve now linked your products and can use KashFlow’s stock management system.

When raising an invoice and adding an item, simply select this sales type/product from the drop down. Your stock will then be reduced by the quantity that you enter.

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