Searching Sales and Product Codes on Invoices and Purchases

This article will talk you through how to search for a Sales or Product Codes on a Invoice or Purchase.

When adding a line item to an invoice, you can select the relevant Sales and Products Codes in a drop down menu, If there are more than 10 Sales and Products codes available on KashFlow overall, they will not all show up on the drop down menu. Instead, the system will default to a search box.

To search for a Sales Code, click in the Search box and type in the Name of the Sales Code e.g Sale of Goods. Searching for Product Codes is done the same way.

This will then filter to your Products to find your Code.

Tip: Have you Product Names as different as possible to make searching easier.

For example if you have stock of 100 t-shirts and they’re originally called: T-Shirts Blue Square Pattern, T-Shirts Orange Circle Pattern.

Correct this to Square Pattern Blue T-Shirts, i.e adding the detail at the front. This should allow easier searching.


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