Repeat Bank Transactions

If you have transactions that occur on a regular repeating basis then you can configure KashFlow to automatically create these on the appropriate date.

Setting Up

To begin, click Bank > Repeat Transactions > + Add New. On the next page use the options to configure the repeat bank transaction, when you’re ready click the Add Repeating Transaction button. Then you need to enter the details of your repeating transaction:

  • Bank Account – Use the drop down to select the bank account you want this to effect
  • Type – this is the type of transaction this is
  • Comment – use this to record a narrative for the transaction, i.e. “Bank interest”
  • Project – If this transaction is associated with a project, select it form the drop down.
  • In/Out – Is the money coming into the account or being paid out?
  • Full Amount – this is the amount (including any tax) of the transaction
  • VAT Rate – if the transaction is VATable select the rate here, otherwise leave as N/A
  • VAT Amount – you can set an amount of VAT paid on this transaction


Please note that the transactions will not be generated retrospectively meaning it is only transactions from this day on that will be created. Similarly, transactions in the future will not be created immediately – instead they will be generated on the interval set.

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