Reminder Letters

You can send a reminder letter directly within KashFlow. Reminder letters can be tiered, meaning your letters can be progressively more insistent giving you scalability dependent on how late the payment is.

Viewing & Creating Reminder Letters

Access reminder letters for invoices by going to Invoices > Select the overdue invoice > Click the Reminder Letters button.

By default we set you up three reminder letters. To view and send any of these, select the relevant one from the drop down menu.

You will see the reminder letter displayed on screen.

  • The title field will be displayed on the reminder letter
  • The text field will be displayed as the reminder letter contents. This will also include the KashFlow contact name that is set in Settings > Company Details.
    • Your letter will also include text substitutions, these are dynamically updated text content based on the invoice.
      • #CONTACT# – Use this to include the customers ontact name that is included in the customer profile
      • #AMOUNT DUE# – This is the amount that the customer is still to pay for this invoice
      • #INVNUM# – This is the invoice number that this reminder letter relates to
      • #DUEDATE# – This is the invoice due date that it should have been paid by
      • #REF# – This is the customer reference that you’ve previously input for this invoice
      • #CUSTCODE# – This is the customer code that’s set in the customer profile
      • #DAYS_X# – This is days from today. Replace the X with any number from 1 to 100.
      • #INVOICEDETAILS# – This is the line items that are contained on the invoice and includes the quantity, line item description, price and total. A total net amount and VAT then follow it, along with the invoice total.
      • If you make any changes and want this to be saved as the reminder letter default, just tick the Save changes to text for use with future letters box.

When you’re ready, click the Done button. Your letter will then be displayed.

Sending Reminder Letters

To print the letter, click the Print button on the top right of the screen.

To e-mail the letter click the Email button at the top.

When you have sent the letter, click the Mark As Sent button to record this letter as having been sent.

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