ProWorkflow is a web based project management software with strengths in recording task and time tracking. It allows you to automate processes, manage projects, tasks and time tracking. It also allows you to generate custom reports on your data.

With the ProWorkflow to KashFlow connection you can:

  1. Send invoices from ProWorkflow to KashFlow with one click
  2. Sync your contacts between ProWorkflow and KashFlow
  3. Keep up to date with the invoice’s status within KashFlow

An active ProWorkflow account is required, you can sign up by clicking here as is the invoicing plugin which is available by clicking here.Please note, ProWorkflow suggests using their Profession or Advanced plan with this integration. The standard plan is not supported because it does not allow for plugins.

Setting Up

To start, you will need to enable the KashFlow API by going to Apps> API Settings (Top right) and tick the box for Enable API and un-tick the box for Restrict Access by IP.

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You can then proceed to setting up the ProWorkFlow plugin which will prompt you for your KashFlow details, more information on that is available by clicking here.


For help, please visit the ProWorkFlow support centre by clicking here.

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