Project Report – Nominal Ledger

The Nominal Ledger report generates a complete list of all transactions against a Nominal Code over a set date range; this report can be filtered by Project to list only the transactions attached to that.

Running the Report

Access this report by going to

Projects > Click on the Project > Nominal Ledger (Under Project Reports)


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Use the options on this page to:

  • From/To – Set the date range for this report
  • Include Opening Balance – Tick this box to include the opening balance for each Nominal Code
  • Filter based on a project – These will already be populated with the  Project your navigated to the report through
  • Use the tick boxes to decide which Nominal Codes to produce a ledger for

When ready, click Next.

The next screen will list your nominal codes and all the transactions within them over the date range you specified. The report will detail the following:

  • The Nominal Code
  • Transaction Date
  • Reference (Invoice Number, Receipt Number, Customer, Supplier)
  • Narrative (Comment/ Description)
  • Amount Debited/Credited
  • Totals
  • Closing Balance

You can choose to Restart Report, Print This Page (download as a PDF) or Download CSV.


You can also run the report from

Reports > General Reports > Nominal Ledger

Please note that the Nominal Ledger does not include Bank Accounts, instead you should access this information by

Bank > View/Add > Specify the To and From dates

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