PayPal Troubleshooting – Updated Settings

It’s important to note that if you update your PayPal Settings in Settings > PayPal Imports > Pencil Icon this will not retrospectively apply to transactions already imported into KashFlow or present in the staging area. The updated settings will only apply to future imported transactions.

If you have made a mistake when originally importing and would like to re-import with updated settings, you will need to delete all the transactions that have been imported incorrectly (both in KashFlow and in the staging area) and then import them again.

To do this you will need to go to the Paypal settings area by going to the Dashboard page and then going to the Imports section. Here you will need to press the little Pencil icon to open the settings page. Now you will have to change the settings that have been enabled when they shouldn’t of been or enable settings that should of been enabled, you will then need to set the  Start Date to the date you need the transactions from. At the the bottom of this page you will see the option to Update and Re-Import, press this.

The importer will now start and the transactions will appear in the Staging Area once completed.

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