Payment Processor Fee (Stripe)

If you wish to process a payment from a payment processor where a fee has also been deducted, you can follow the steps below to achieve this.  If you use Stripe as your payment processor, this is the same process.

The current process for entering from a payment processor like this is:

1. You create a Bank Account to represent the Payment Processor (in this case, ‘Stripe’)

2. You assign this new Bank Account as the “Bank Account” for the Payment Processor

3. The Invoice is Paid into this Payment Processor account

4. Depending on when Payment Processor transfer the funds (fees deducted) to your Current/ Main Bank Account, you create an equal valued Transfer from the Payment Processor Bank Account, to your Current/ Main Bank Account

5. The fees the Payment Processor charge you can be recorded as Money Out Transactions from the Payment Processor account against any Nominal Code you wish to record the allocation

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