Packing Slips

This option lets you enable and configure packing slips, also known as delivery notes. After being enabled by going to Settings-> Invoice Options->Packing Slips,  you will have a packing slips button on your invoices.

  • Enable Packing Slips – Tick the box to switch on the packing slips feature. This will display a button on your invoices that will let you print the packing slip straight away.
  • Name – If you would like to rename packing slips to delivery notes or something more appropriate just type in the name to the text box.
  • Heading – This will appear on the packing slip document. Use the text box to change the heading that appears.
  • Line Ordering – Use this option to set how you would like your packing slip lines sorted. You can sort the order in following ways;
    • Same as invoice
    • Quantity (highest first)
    • Description (alphabetical)

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