Overview Page – Graphs

The graphs and charts on the overview page allow you to have an at-a-glance view of your current financial standing.

If you already have data, you can choose what type of graphs you want to be visible on the Overview page, (only two graphs at a time are possible) and can choose between the 12 month Sales Growth, Profit & Loss report for past 6 months or the 6 months Income by Source graph.

Setting Up

These settings can modified either by clicking the spanner icon on the bottom right of the graph or by going to Settings > Display Settings. From here, you can also enable or edit other general display settings as you please for example the colours used throughout the application.

Please note that the 12 month Sales Growth on the Overview page only shows the past 12 months of the business if applicable and cannot be edited. You can view a custom report by going to Tools & Reports > Income Reports > Monthly Income Report.

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