Open Banking & KashFlow

Open Banking; Important Information

  • New EU requirements for the banking industry came into effect on 14th September 2019.
  • All KashFlow bank feeds are now Direct Feeds and included in your KashFlow subscription free of charge
  • Direct feeds are a more secure and reliable method of gathering finance data through Open Banking API’s.
  • The old method of bank feeds or “screen scraping” via Yodlee is now unavailable.
  • If your bank is not ready with a direct API, you will have to manually import transactions through a Bank CSV Upload until a feed becomes available.

Bank Status

KashFlow is reliant on the bank providing the API and the bank is responsible for the stability of their feed.  If your bank has confirmed that it’s API is available but you cannot connect through KashFlow, we are probably in the process of implementing and testing the feed internally.

The following banks are currently available in Kashflow:

Active Banks
AIB GB Business
Active in KashFlow
AIB GB PersonalActive in KashFlow
AIB NI (First Trust) PersonalActive in KashFlow
AIB ROI BusinessActive in KashFlow
AIB ROI PersonalActive in KashFlow
AmexActive in KashFlow
B BankActive in KashFlow
Bank of IrelandActive in KashFlow
Bank of Ireland BusinessActive in KashFlow
Bank of Ireland Business UKActive in KashFlow
Bank of Ireland UKActive in KashFlow
Bank of Scotland (Business)Active in KashFlow
Bank of Scotland (Personal)Active in KashFlow
BarclaycardActive in KashFlow
Barclaycard Commercial PaymentsActive in KashFlow
Barclays BusinessActive in KashFlow
Barclays CorporateActive in KashFlow
Barclays PersonalActive in KashFlow
Capital OneActive in KashFlow
Cash PlusActive in KashFlow
Cater AllenActive in KashFlow
Chelsea Building SocietyActive in KashFlow
Clydesdale BankActive in KashFlow
Cooperative BankActive in KashFlow
Coutts & CompanyActive in KashFlow
Cumberland Building SocietyActive in KashFlow
Contis EngageActive in KashFlow
Danske BankActive in KashFlow
Danske Bank Business UKActive in KashFlow
First DirectActive in KashFlow
Halifax PersonalActive in KashFlow
Handelsbanken Business UKActive in KashFlow
Handelsbanken UKActive in KashFlow
HSBC PersonalActive in KashFlow
HSBC UK BusinessActive in KashFlow
Lloyds (Business)Active in KashFlow
Lloyds (Personal)Active in KashFlow
M&S BankActive in KashFlow
MBNA PersonalActive in KashFlow
MonzoActive in KashFlow
NationwideActive in KashFlow
NatwestActive in KashFlow
Natwest BanklineActive in KashFlow
RevolutActive in KashFlow
Royal Bank of ScotlandActive in KashFlow
Royal Bank of Scotland BanklineActive in KashFlow
Sainsbury’s BankActive in KashFlow
SantanderActive in KashFlow
Starling BankActive in KashFlow
Tesco BankActive in KashFlow
TideActive in KashFlow
TSB BankActive in KashFlow
Ulster Bank (ROI / EIRE)Active in KashFlow
Ulster Bank (UK)Active in KashFlow
Ulster Bank Business (ROI)Active in KashFlow
Vanquis BankActive in KashFlow
Virgin MoneyActive in KashFlow
Virgin Money (Essential)Active in KashFlow
Yorkshire BankActive in KashFlow
Yorkshire Building SocietyActive in KashFlow

Manually importing bank transactions

To manually import your transactions you will need to:

  1. Change the source of your bank
  2. Then follow these steps to import a bank CSV file

Bank Feed Cessation FAQ’s

I don’t use KashFlow automatic bank feeds, should I be concerned that it will affect other parts of the product?

No, the changes only affect automatic bank feeds

What happens if I import transactional bank data using a CSV file?

There will no change to this functionality

Why are the bank feeds being turned off in KashFlow?

Changes to the EU regulations, specifically PSD2, mean that bank feeds previously provided by Yodlee via KashFlow are no longer compliant. The aim of this directive is to provide new bank feeds that will improve and increase consumer protection.

What is going to happen to the existing KashFlow bank feeds after 14 September?

Automatic bank feeds provided by Yodlee will be turned off

What is the alternative to the existing bank feeds after 14 September?

To manually import your transactions you’ll first need to change the source of your bank and then follow these steps.

Will Kashflow have new bank feeds?

Yes, we are currently working on building direct bank feeds. These will be rolled out in December 2019. See ‘Bank Status‘ above for details of the banks covered.

What if my bank isn’t listed?

Unfortunately, if your bank isn’t listed it is currently one we are unable to support at this time. The list of supported banks is subject to change and your bank could be included with future updates. Keep checking ‘Bank Status‘ above for changes.

Contact Support for further assistance

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