Open Banking Error – “An error has occurred while loading transactions. Please verify your details and try again”

If you have successfully linked your bank to our Open Banking facility but you are now getting the error “An error has occurred while loading transactions. Please verify your details and try again” then this will mean that you will need to re-authorise your banking details by going to Bank> Manage Consents> Re-Authorise.  This is due to the security settings of your bank, unfortunately, this isn’t something we are able to alter.

Some banks may require this re-authorisation to be completed more regularly than every 90 days. In some cases, this will need to be done for every import attempt.

We have found the following banks may require you to do this upon every import attempt:

  • Barclays
  • Santander
  • HSBC
  • NatWest

Consent VS Authorise

A consent valid until date means that we set a final date of expiration for that consent.  This is the date you will see when first activating your bank feed connection, and from the Settings> Bank> Manage Consents.  This effectively means that after that date you can’t re-authorise, you would have to get a new consent (notice how the user journey is different from authorising and re-authorising).


Some banks will take matters into their own and enforce different policies to which we (KashFlow) have no other way than to obey. What is happening is a decision of the bank and is also very much common which is the bank saying: I know you have a consent until X date, but our policy will have you re-authorising every Y days. This varies dramatically from bank to bank and we aren’t in a position to gather all this timings for all the banks which is, of course always prone to change on the bank side.


Consent is the permission you are giving to KashFlow to allow access to your bank account details.
Authorise is the confirmation of your bank account’s login details in order to retrieve the data, which may be requested regularly in accordance with your bank’s own security specifications.


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