Open Banking – Cater Allen Feed

Connecting to Cater Allen Bank Feed

If you are trying to link to the Cater Allen Feed but you are getting the following error message:

“Your details have been blocked.  Please call our contact centre for more information”.

The reason for this error message is due to the platform your Cater Allen data is currently running from.  This will need to be migrated to the new Cater Allen platform in preparation for use with Open Banking.  Cater Allen has informed us that they are expecting all data migrations to be completed by May 2020, after this time there should be no further issue linking the bank feed within KashFlow.

Transactions importing without descriptions

We have become aware that not all transaction descriptions are being included when items are being imported.  The reason behind this is due to the fact that “description” is not a mandatory field that needs to be imported according to the Open Banking legislation.  We are aware that this could cause some difficulty when it came to matching those transactions within KashFlow.  We have been in communication with Cater Allen and requested the API connection to be updated in order for the description to be included.  We are unable to give a time frame on when this will be available, unfortunately, due to Coronavirus, this has complicated matters further.

In the meantime, you may want to consider to continue importing your bank transactions via a CSV file.  Should you need further guidance with this you can take a look at this knowledge base article.

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