Troubleshooting Card Payments

Some of the most common troubleshooting queries and solutions are listed below;

A non-json response was received

Please contact [email protected] letting us know your username, payment processor your using and invoice number that you are trying to pay – we’ll look straight into that.

Merchant Implementation Error – Incorrect client SH reference and checkcode combination

This error indicates your using the password instead of the second level security code as your credentials in KashFlow (Settings > Card Options). To access your second level security code, log into Secure Hosting > Company Details Area > Second Level Security Code. Use this instead of your password.

Card has no start date

Subtract 2 year and 11 months from the expiry date and use this as the start date, i.e. a card with the expiration date of 06/15 will have a start date of 07/12.

WorldPay 3D Secure

If you are using any of our integrated card processors to take card payments within KashFlow – over the phone for example, then you wouldn’t want 3D Secure enabled. These are commonly referred to as “Cardholder Not Present Transactions”

Most payment providers are adaptable and you can enable/disable 3D Secure in the payment request, so it’s not a problem. Unfortunately with WorldPay you can’t do this, and so 3D secure needs to be turned off completely to be able to process Cardholder not present payments.

Turning off 3D secure is not something that you can do directly within KashFlow, so you would need to contact Worldpay to ask how to do this.

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