No Reports & Graphs in Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer currently has a known issue where it sometimes doesn’t display charts and graphs in the reports section and also on the overview page. This results in a completely blank area where the visual data should be. You’ll be happy to hear there’s a quick and easy solution to this problem; all you have to do is enable something called Compatibility View.

To do this, just follow this quick step-by-step;

  1. 1. In internet Explorer, click ‘Tools’ from the main menu bar
    If you don’t have a main menu bar, right click just outside the address bar and you’ll see a list of menu bars you can enable, click ‘Menu Bar’ to show it
  2. Click ‘Compatibility View Settings’
  3. In the textbox to the right of ‘Add this website…’ enter
  4. Click the ‘Add’ button
  5. Close and restart internet explorer
  6. Try to view a report now; you should see nice shiny graphs and charts!

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