Journal Template

This guidance advises on how to create a journal template. Journal templates let you create a journal with a predefines list of nominal codes already created, allowing you to quickly and simply just enter the values.

Creating a Journal Template

Creating a journal template is as easy as ticking a box. A template will need to be create from an existing journal; to do that go to Journals > Select the journal > Tick the box for Save as Template > Enter in a name > Save changes.

When creating a journal in future by going to Journal > Add new entry > Use the template drop down to select the template. The nominal codes used previously will now be displayed ready for you to enter values.

Changing a Journal Template

To edit an already existing journal template, go to Journal. You then need to filter out all of your templates, this can be done by selecting All Categories from the category list, then select Templates from the displaying list. Now click on journal template you want to change and make the required changes, now Save Changes.

Deleting Journal Template

As a journal template is an existing part of your accounts so you shouldn’t delete the journal itself. To remove it from the list of templates you just go to the journal and un-tick the template box at the bottom of the page.

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