Merging Customers

This article will talk you through how to merge two (or more) Customers who have Invoices (and/ or Quotes) assigned to them respectively. The method by which we do this is simply changing which Customer the Invoice (and/ or Quote) is assigned to.

Important Note: If an Invoice has been included on a VAT return you will not be able to edit the Customer Field.

Merging the Customer

To begin this please follow the below steps:

Customers > Click on the Customer you wish to eventually delete > Transactions > Click on an Invoice you wish to assign to another Customer > Edit > From the “Customer” field; select the Customer you wish to now have the Invoice raised against > Save

These steps also apply to Quotes as well.

Do the above for every Invoice/ Quote listed for the Customer you plan to later delete:
Please note you do not have to assign it all to the same Customer. For example, if you have a Customer who represents a partnership and that partnership splits up, you now have to create two separate Customers, you can assign the existing Invoices for the partnership-Customer, to either party’s Customer as they decide who assumes liability for what Invoices.

Once you have assigned all Invoices (and/ or Quotes) to the Customer(s) you wish you may now want to delete the original Customer. To this, please follow as below:

Customers > Select the box to the left of the Customer you wish to delete > From the “Select an action” drop-down list at the bottom left of the screen choose “Delete Customer(s)” > Delete This Customer & Associated Invoices

Before deleting Customers, or anything in Kashflow please note this is an irreversible process and cannot be undone once committed to. In this instance please make sure all Invoices associated with the Customer have been reassigned to another Customer before proceeding.

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