KashFlow Connect – Detaching Clients

If you no longer wish to continue managing the Bookkeeping data of a client you can “Detach” the client from your KashFlow Connect account.  There are a few things that you would need to be aware of prior to detaching your client.

Outstanding Licence

If you have applied a paid licence to this account and there is still time remaining on this and you wish to apply it to another client data, you will need to contact our billing team before you can detach that client.  You can call them on 0344 815 5750 Option 3 and they will be able to arrange this.

Remove all details relating to your Accountancy Firm

If you have any Accountancy details entered within the clients bookkeeping data, such as address or card payment details then you will need to remove these before detaching the client.  If the clients data is registered under an email address for the accountancy firm then you will need to change this by logging into the client’s data and go to My Account.  If you need to change the username of the account you will need to email the support team at support@kashflow.com.

Allow access to all settings and reports

During your time managing this account for your client, you may have set certain restrictions on the account so that they had no access to view certain areas or certain reports.  Before detaching your client, you will need to relinquish this access back to the client so that they will gain full access to all areas.

You can do this by logging into the KashFlow Connect and go to Clients> Details (on selected client)> Actions> Set Access to Reports and Set Access to Settings.  Put a tick in all the boxes on both screens, and at the bottom of the page you will need to click Update.

Detaching the Client

Once you are happy to do so, you can detach the client by going to Clients> Details (on selected client)> Actions> Detach Client.


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