Import VAT

When you import items from abroad, you may find from time to time you have to record your VAT in a different manner than usual.

You will have received 2 receipts. One for your goods, without any VAT, the second will have your shipping fees (which may have their own VAT amounts) and a VAT certificate for the goods on the first invoice.

Enter the first receipt into KashFlow as you normally would. Put the overall amount in the RATE box, then click into the VAT amount box and override the figure with zero’s (0.00).

Update and then this receipt is complete.

Now create another receipt.

Add an item and record your shipping fees (plus any VAT that’s directly linked to these fees.

Once complete add another item to the receipt. This is to record the details of your VAT certificate. Make sure you put in the description the receipt number that’s linked to your goods (the one you created before this).

Set quantity to 1, change rate to zero and manually enter the VAT amount.

Now your total and your VAT amount should match. Update the receipt and you’re all done.  Now your figures are recorded properly and all VAT calculations will be correct for your VAT returns when you mark the items as paid.

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