E-Mail Template Troubleshooting – New Lines Removed

When using our new KashFlow E-Mail Template editor, you may encounter instances of an automatic removal when you insert multiple new lines, or blank lines. This is due to the way in which the editor handles the Enter/ Return key.


For those who only plan on using the plain text editing sheet:

Enter / Return
Simply pressing Enter/ Return will tell the KashFlow editor that you simply want to create a new paragraph and therefore it will expect text to populate the new line. If there is no text, then it removes the paragraph and therefore, the blank line.

Shift + Enter/ Return
Pressing either Shift and Enter/ Return together will tell the KashFlow Editor that you want to insert a break, and if  this is a new blank line, it will not need text to populate it. However, breaks will be removed if they exist immediately before the end of what is considered a paragraph.


For those familiar with HTML and source sheets, when editing the plain text sheet the following will occur in the source:
Enter/ Return

<p>Entered Text Here</p>

Shift + Enter/ Return

Your Text Here

Accepted Formatting

<p>Your Text Here</p>
<p>Your Text Here</p>

Unaccepted Formatting

<p>Your Text Here</p>
<p>Your Text Here<p>

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