E-Mail a Customer Statement

Sometimes you may want to supply your Customers with a document of their activity with you, KashFlow handles this by creating Customer Statements that you can E-Mail to them without having to leave the application. You can do this on an individual basis, or collectively.

E-Mail an Individual Statement

If you wanted to send an Individual Customer a Statement you would do this from the following area:

Customers > Clicking on the Customer > Statement > Select the appropriate parameters for what Transactions to include > View Statement > Email Statement

You can also get to this screen by going to Customers> Find the customer you wish to send the statement for > Under Actions click the down arrow and select Send Statement.

You will now be given a pop-up screen to set the parameters for the E-Mail. The “To” Field will be automatically populated with the E-Mail address specified within the Contact Details for that Customer, however, if they do not have one or you wish to use another you can simply type directly into the field yourself. At the bottom you can choose to attach further documentation, and to save some time you can specify what E-Mail Template you will use on this occasion, if you have previously created one.

Once done, simply click Send

E-Mail Multiple Statements

To save yourself sometime, you may want to E-Mail your Customers all of their respective Statements. First you will need to ensure that all the Customers have the correct information beneath their respective Contact Details, then:

Customers > Mark the box to the left of the “Code” column; either individually for specific Customers or the upmost box for all Customers on the current page > Select an action > Email Statement(s) > Select the appropriate parameters of  what Transactions to include > Email Statements

Both options will create a Note for the Customer(s) detailing when the Statement was sent.


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