Corporation Tax

When you set up in business via a limited company, your annual profits will be subject to corporation tax.

Setting Up

To record corporation tax payments in your KashFlow account you need to first create a transaction type (nominal code) named Corporation Tax.

  • To do that, go to Settings > Chart of Accounts > Scroll to the bottom click Show Advanced Configuration > Tick Allow me to access all codes in all areas > Click Update.
  • After that, go to Bank > Bank Codes > Add a new code named “Corporation Tax”. Click on the code to edit it, you should see a number of options for the code type. Set this to Current Asset/Liability and click Update .

Recording a Corporation Tax Payment

To record a corporation tax payment go to Bank > View/Add Transactions > Add New Transaction.

  • Date – this needs to be the date the money left the company bank account to pay the corporation tax
  • Comment – use this record a note about the transaction, i.e. “Corporation Tax YE 2012”
  • Code – select your new Corporation Tax code
  • In/Out – as it’s money thats left your account this should be out
  • Amount – the amount that you have paid out
  • VAT Rate – this should be N/A
  • VAT Amount – this should be 0.00
When ready, click the Add Transaction button.

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