Troubleshooting CSV Importer – Common Mistakes

Some of the most common mistakes that result in errors when importing, or failed imports entirely are listed below:

  • Required Column Not Included – each CSV Import has certain required columns that must be included. If they are not or have not been selected then the import will fail
  • Special Symbols – our CSV importer is very sensitive to special symbols, you should avoid using any special characters at all, this includes question marks, brackets, slashes any currency symbols and, but not least, quotations
  • Non-English Characters – our CSV importer currently only supports standard unicode english letters. Accented letters of any kind are unsupported and will cause an error
  • Pre-requsite data missing – to import certain data, other data needs to exist within the KashFlow account. For example, you cannot import Invoices for Customers that are not recorded within the account, and you cannot import Transactions for Bank Accounts that do not exist within the account.

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