Business Progress Summary

The business progress summary report allows you to produce a report that gives an overall indiction on the health of your business, this report is primarily used for businesses involved with the Princes Trust – the report will be used by the mentor to see the current health of the business.

Running the Report

Access the report by going to

Reports > Business > Business Progress Summery

Use the fields to specify;

  • Invoice Based – if the report should be run for Invoices/ Purchases issued, though not necessarily paid
  • Cash Based – if the report should be run for only Invoices/ Purchases that have been paid
  • Start Date/ End Date – the date range the report should be run for

When ready, click View Report.

Specifying report details

The next step is to specify the details to be included on the report, these will appear in the document produced.

  • Client – This is your name
  • Trading as – This is the name of your business
  • Mentor – This is the name of your business mentor
  • Period Covered – This is the period of the report and will automatically populate with your specified Start Date and End Date
  • Number of months since receipt of Princes Trust funding – This should be the amount of time (in months) since you last received a round of PT funding
  • Sales in this period – This will automatically calculate the amount of money you have taken in sales over the period specified
  • Expenses in this period – This will automatically calculate the amount of money you have spent on expenses over the period specified
  • How much did you draw from the business in this period? – Enter in your drawings here
  • What is your bank balance? – Enter in your bank balance as of the end date of the report
  • Progress – Enter in details on the progress you have made towards your goals and other pertinent information
  • Specific Actions Agreed – Enter in the details of actions agreed by your mentor
  • Request for assistance or advice from the Prince’s Trust – Enter in details on assistance or advice required
  • Mentor/Client hours together since last summary – The time (in hours) spent with your mentor since the last summary
  • Agreed date of next meeting – Enter the date when your next meeting is scheduled for

When ready, click Create Report and a PDF will then be created detailing the information you have entered.

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