Brexit changes for Northern Irish Users

In order to remain compliant with Brexit changes, if you are a KashFlow User based in Northern Ireland you will need to amend the settings against Customers/Suppliers who are VAT registered in another EC Member state to the newly introduced trade border type setting ‘VAT registered in an EC Member State and I (the KashFlow user) am based in Northern Ireland’.

To assist you with this, we have introduced a bulk update option.  This means, when you log into the software after 29th December 2020 you will be prompted with the below screen:

This screen will explain the changes required in the new legislation, and how this will be applied to the software.

You will also see which customers and suppliers that you have entered within the software will be affected by this change.

To continue from this screen, you will need to click one of the following options:

  • Remind me upon next log in – this will make no alterations within the software at this time, but you will again be prompted with this message upon your next login.
  • I am not based in Northern Ireland – if this change is not applicable to you, then you can select this option.  No alterations will be made and you will not see this prompt again.  Should you click this option, but then later realise this is applicable to you, you will need to alter the customers and suppliers one by one
  • Proceed – this will update all the records for the customers and suppliers listed on this screen.

If you are a Northern Irish user but have not been prompted with this message, you will be able to access this screen by clicking on this link

If you require any further assistance with this, please contact support by sending an email to [email protected].

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