Automatic Discounts

Automatic discounts will apply the discounted price at the time of an auto-enter details line item being added to an eligible customers invoice.

Setting Up

To first set up, go to Settings > Invoice Options > Discounts and select Automatic followed by clicking the Save Setitngs button.

To set up your customer’s discount rate, go to Customers > Select the customer > Options tab > Enter in the discount rate that this customer should get and use the tick box to decide if the discount should be shown on the invoice > Click Update.

Applying the Discount

Then, when adding a line item under Invoices > New Invoice > Add a line item > Selecting a sales type and/or product that has auto-enter price enabled, the net rate will be automatically discounted by the rate set.

If you’ve got the Show Discount box ticked in the customer profile options, the line item will show “X% discount applied” next to the line item on e-mailed and printed invoices.

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