Adding Social Media Links To Your Email Signature

You are able to add social media links to your email signatures with the aid of HTML.

You will need to add HTML code to the bottom of your email body. Please see the examples below:

Facebook example:

<a href="">
<img class="" style="width: 112px; height: 108px;" src="" alt="">

Twitter example:

<a href="">
<img class="" src="" alt="" width="112" height="112">

Understanding the code:

Code used to link the logo. Enter the full URL within the “” speech marks.

<img style="width: 104px; height: 100px;" src="" alt="">

Code used to Fetch and display the logo from a web URL. Enter the full URL of the image between the speech marks.

style="width: 104px; height: 100px;"

Code used to determine the width and height of the image. (This is within the image code above) Adjust the values accordingly to best suit you.

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