Activity Report

The activity report shows you the transactions raised and payments that you have made or received over any specific period of time.

Access it by navigating to

Reports > Business> Activity Report

Use the fields here to set;

  • Start Date / End Date – this is the date range to include transactions between
  • Sales & Purchases / Sales /  Purchases – select the parameters of what data to include, this will include the appropriate unassigned Transactions too (i.e. Sales will also include Money In Bank Transactions)
  • Based on:
    • All Items – this will use the Invoice/Purchase date
    • Only Items Paid – this will use the Invoice/Purchase paid date
  • Other options:
    • Show VAT related information – this will include a column for input and output VAT Amounts related to the transaction
    • Show full customer/supplier names instead of their code – this will include the full Customer/ Supplier name rather than just their code

When ready, click Next.

The next screen will detail every transaction set by your parameters over your specified period line by line. This can be downloaded as both a PDF or CSV file.

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