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Adding Employees – Required Setup Information Step 1

Before you can use KashFlow Payroll to create payslips, you must have at least one employee in your company for whom you have completed all the required setup fields. If you already have payroll software that you are moving from, you should be able to collect this information from your…

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Adding Employees – Basic Information Step 2

After setting up your first Company you will be guided through the process of entering your first Employee. The first step of the setup process asks for basic information like the Employee Name and Join Date. KashFlow Payroll needs to know if the employee is an actual new starter (also…

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Adding Employees – Personal Information Step 3

In order to help HMRC identify an employee, especially a new starter, their full name and correct date of birth is required. Known As It is best to use the First Name and Last Name boxes to hold the full and correct employee name, as found on the birth certificate…

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Adding Employees – Contact Details Step 4

This employee setup tab gives KashFlow Payroll some address and contact details about your Employee, including telephone numbers. Employee Address Please note that HMRC require at least two lines of an employee’s address. Therefore, you must enter at least one additional address line in the “Additional Address Lines” text area.…

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Adding Employees – Employment Settings Step 5

Employment settings This employee setup tab reflects some details of the employee contract and the nature of their employment, such as Job Title or Directorship start and end dates. Job Title You will need to enter the employees Job Title or on the right type your own. Department New Departments…

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Adding Employees – Government Settings Step 6

Government settings Each Employee in KashFlow Payroll will have been some references and numbers to help them identify them to HMRC and in the RTI submissions. Furthermore, each Employee will be assigned some codes by HMRC to enable Tax and National Insurance Contributions (NICs) to be calculated correctly. Tax Code…

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Adding Employees – Payment Options Step 7

Payment options In order to process Payslips, deliver them and actually pay an employee, KashFlow Payroll needs a range of details. Pay Cycle KashFlow Payroll supports employees paid on a regular repeating weekly or monthly Pay Cycle. If you cannot see the option you want, make sure that you have…

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Adding Employees – Opening Balances Step 8

Adding Employee Opening Balances The Employee Opening Balances tell KashFlow Payroll what the Year To Date figures were before you started using KashFlow Payroll, so you only need Opening Balances once for the Year that you start using KashFlow Payroll and only if the employee was paid by you earlier…

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