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How to change your pay date

Your company pay date options are managed from “Company” | “Setup Details” | “Payroll Control” Here you can alter your current pay date and, if necessary, the repeating pattern of the default pay date. You can also activate or deactivate pay frequencies if, for example, you wanted to move from a weekly to a…

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How to Restore back to previous payroll periods

In order to restore the period, you will need to go to “Payroll“| “Payslips and periods“|”Finalised Periods” Click on the most recent Payroll run and click “Restore“. You will need to tick the box to confirm you want to restore and then click “Restore“. Please Note: When you restore a pay…

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My RTI Online Filling progress has stopped at 10%

After finalising a pay period the RTI online filling progress bar stops at 10%. This is because the pay period has been finalised in advance of the pay date. Once the pay date is reached Kashflow will automatically complete the submission. The progress meter will update to 100% and confirmation emails…

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Advanced Item Editing

Advanced Item Info Click on any Item line on the payslip will automatically bringing up advanced information for that line item. In this example, a ‘Time and Half Overtime’ Item brings up the following form: Payslip Adv Item 1 System Name shows the original name KashFlow Payroll provided for this…

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Basic Payslip Editing

KashFlow Payroll lets you build the payslip on the screen by adding Items. Items are selected from a pre-defined list, the values of which can then be edited. When you click on the “new item” button in either the payments column or the deductions column, you will see an item…

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Creating a Payslip – Basics

The basics of creating payslips Now that you have a company with a weekly or monthly Pay Date and at least one employee, you can create a Payslip by clicking Payroll > Payslips & Periods. When you click onto Payslips & Periods, KashFlow Payroll displays a list of employees who…

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Finalising Payslips

Finalise a Week or Month When you have finished entering and approving all the Payslips in a period, you can finalise the Pay Date. Before letting you proceed, however, KashFlow Payroll will run some checks and give you a list of any warnings or critical problems that need attention. It…

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Holiday Pay

There is no code to record Statutory Leave in KashFlow Payroll, what you would need to do is click onto the payslip then Add new item> New item> Basic> Other. The name ‘Other Basic Pay’ will populate the field. You can overtype the text to show Holiday Pay. Other then…

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